For Students, Parents, and Families
  • High School Course Sequence - This file has been redesigned to align to national standards for College and Career Readiness in mathematics. (and to expectations outlines in MD Senate Bill 740)
  • High School Course Sequence Podcasts - These Podcasts are designed to provide students, parents, and families with information so that they can plan a course sequence that matches college and career goals. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
  • High School Course Catalog - This link provides access to the approved set of high school courses for the Howard County Public School System.
  • Links to National Resources - This page houses news, research, and other resources to help students, parents, and families navigate transition to the Common Core era of mathematics.
  • Link to Webinar Describing Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

For Teachers

1) Link to Middle and High School Transition Curriculum -

2) Links to Supporting Resources

For Administrators